Power Walking. Bodybuilding Legend's Secret For Fast And Easy Fat Loss

In this article I want to share with you very effective yet overlooked by many method of cutting off some excessive fat of your frame. The pre steroid era bodybuilding legend Steve Reeves(see the photo) himself was big proponent of this method.

Practicing it on regular basis is also good for your cardiovascular system. It’s called power walking. Basically power walking is taking a long strides and moving as fast as possible. The key to success with power walking is progressively increasing intensity. For example one day you walked half a mile in sixteen minutes so next time you have to walk this distance in less then sixteen minutes or you may walk longer distance in sixteen minutes, possibilities are endless. In my personal opinion, another benefit of power walking is that it's much more fun than, for example, spending hours on treadmill. 

So how often should you do power walking? I suggest to do power walking four times per week for twenty to forty minutes dependent on your level of fitness. If you need to get in shape Steve Reeves suggested walking two to three miles, to stay in shape walk one to two miles.