Circus Strongmen's Secret For Building Huge Arms Fast

If you ever saw circus strongmen you know that this guys along with tremendous strength also have powerful muscular physiques. But most importantly their training differs from traditional methods like train hard on Monday, rest on Tuesday and so on. Their training is more like practice - they train 5-6 days a week by practicing their feats of strength but they never train to failure or near failure.

Let's take for example Mike Dayton (see the photo), he could bend quarters, break baseball bats, and bust loose from handcuffs. But one of his the most impressive feats of strength was also the simplest one. He could easily perform 75-100 chin ups without even breaking a sweat.

And if you didn't know, one of the fastest ways to build up your bicep is performing high repetitions of chin ups. So from now on your task is performing multiple sets of chin ups throughout the course of a day five days a week. Just remember that you should never train to failure or near failure, just do as much as you can while staying fresh.