Break This And You'll Be Rich!

"I thought he was my best friend but he screwed me" 

"There was a nice summer job openings but my college friends applied all and never told me about that job and I really needed that money!"

"I always went out of my way to help my friends but when my life went down the drain they all turned there backs on me and cut all contacts with me"

This is just small portion of my personal experiences and I bet you can add up much more. But here's the thing, as bad and unfair as it was nothing's gonna change unless we go for it. 

Constant relieving of past griefs isn't just useless, it's harmful! It just sucks your positive energy and creative juices dry. From now on our only mindset is "What can I do to make it happen". 

Since I adopted this mindset I fulfilled some of my childhood dreams all these backstabbers in my life never thought are possible for me. I not only became a pro wrestler (even though there's no pro wrestling in Ukraine), I already traveled abroad(both as a wrestler and a tourist), I became a fitness author, and there's so much more to come.

All limitations are in your head. Join the club!