Killer Pushup Complex for Fat Loss and Mental Toughness

This workout consists of different push ups variations that must be done one after another. If you can’t do numbers of repetitions listed below reduce the reps so you can adjust this workout to your current fitness level. Your long term goal is to out do reps given below.

100 Hindu Push ups

10 Fingertip Push ups

10 Reverse Push ups

30 Hindu Push ups

20 Fingertip Push ups

30 Hindu Push ups

20 One Leg in Air Push ups

10 Fingertip Push ups

20 Hindu Push ups

When you will be doing Hindu pushups you’ll get to the point where you just can’t do another one. In this situation take as much rest as you need in your up position with your butt in the air and all weight centered over your hands. Such training builds not only muscle endurance but mental toughness as well.