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A Mass Gaining Supplement Advice For Hard Gainers From A Former One!

I'm a hard gainer, what mass gainer supplement should I use? Which brand is better? I see those questions on forums, I get asked them myself on and offline. As a so called hard gainer myself I'll answer it once and for all. And the answer is... NONE! 

Back in the day I bought completely into all this marketing message of bodybuilding websites. Gainers, protein powders, BCAA, you name it, I was buying it all, constantly. In the end I've got two types of results: 1) Nothing's changed 2) Put on more fat. 

Through trial, error and constant search I eventually stumbled upon gurus such as Brooks Kubik, Paul Wade and others preaching that all you need is eating normal food and training hard. I tried it. It WORKED. 

You can look at the photo above to see where I've started and where I've got. So here are my success tips for you carve into your head:
  • Don't compare yourself to others we all have different genetics so we put on muscle and burn fat at different rates. 
  • Eat well, train hard&smart and results will follow.
p.s. to be clear, above mentioned supplements are just that, supplements. They have their place in sport specific training when you need nutrients here and NOW. Also they can be a great addition to your already healthy diet when your life is very busy and you just don't have time to prepare healthy snacks from regular food.