Secret Tips To Ramp Up Your Fat Loss

For some people direct abs work just doesn’t work. Naturally I was a skinny fat kid, even though I was very active physically and not a good eater I still had flabby stomach despite being underweight. I was following others who just happened to have good genetics and did lots of crunches, leg raises, planks, still no results. As I found out later on shredded physique is mostly built in the kitchen, exercise is only a small part of the equation. In this article I’m going to reveal to you 3 simple easy to implement tips that will make your body lose fat right away. So here they are:

1)      Drink lots of water. That’s actually one of the easiest things you can do to start fat burning in your body. Most people are dehydrated, mostly because of high caffeine consumption and lack of drinking pure water. What happens is they just lost the water while peeing and never replace it. Water is one of the components in fat burning equation so the more water you drink the more fat you burn. Water also cleans your body of toxins and makes you feel full – so you start eat less (and we all know that one of the main reasons of obesity is overeating). In order to know whether you’re well hydrated or not just look at the color of your urine. If it’s light then everything is fine, if it’s yellow than drink more water until it becomes light. And here is another secret for you. If you want to burn even more fat than drink ice cold water whenever possible. By drinking ice cold water you make your body to expend additional calories to warm it up.
2)      Green tea. If you’re still not a green tea drinker then let me inform you that you’re just shooting your weight loss in the foot. It was shown by numerous research studies that drinking green tea on regular basis has positive effect on both our body weight and general health. According to these studies green tea helps in fat burning on two levels: 1) by increasing our metabolism (burning more calories during the day); 2) by increasing our body’s fat oxidation (ability to burn fat). Although green tea contains caffeine but unlike coffee it also provides your body with water so you stay hydrated while drinking it. Along with its fat burning properties green tea also reduces the risk of many forms of cancer, lowers your cholesterol levels, reduces the risk of rheumatoid arthritis, prevents tooth decay and food poisoning to name a few. In order to enjoy all benefits of green tea you should drink five to ten cups daily.
3)      Fish oil. Consuming fish oil daily is very healthy for you. Actually it’s “fat that fights fat”. Along with its fat burning properties fish oil also aids in cells health and decreases risk of heart attack. Another great “side effect” of daily consumption of fish oil is that your skin will become much better looking. Despite all benefits of fish oil there is one factor preventing most people from consuming it – it tastes bad. But I have a very good news for you, now fish oil is available in capsules so you don’t have to deal with bad taste anymore.

So here you have it, three simple tips to speed up your fat loss. Just remember that consistency is the key in your struggle for better looking and healthier you, in order to achieve desired results you should implement tips mentioned above on a daily basis. Fat loss is like learning to play musical instrument – you need constant practice, you can’t get good at it by practicing it once a month.

To your health