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Street Workout For Mass


Do the following workout every single day. The key in building muscle at the fastest rate possible is training frequency and proper recovery. The more you train the faster you grow. The volume is low so you'll be fully recovered and able to train every single day and it takes very little time so you don't have to give up on life in order to follow my training approach. 

2 sets of pull ups (maximum reps)

2 sets of dips (maximum reps)

1 set of jump squats(maximum reps)

2 minutes rest between all sets

In pull ups eliminate any swinging and kipping, body fully erect, grip is a little wider than your shoulder width. Lower yourself down until your arms are completely stretched. When you go up squeeze your shoulder blades together.

In dips squeeze  your shoulder blades together and move your body without slightest swinging throughout whole range of motion

In jump squats jump as high as you can in every rep, keep your back straight throughout whole range of motion, land on your feet softly it will give your quads additional load and prevent your knees from possible injuries.