Your perfect exercise routine

As a trainer I've been constantly asked the same question over and over again "What is perfect training program for me?". With so much training info available for free nowadays it's no wonder many people are confused and having fitness ADD.

I'll say it once and for all.

It seems obvious but yet trainees still neglect it.

The perfect exercise routine for you is the one you can actually STICK TO for a long period of time!

While chasing the pump and surfing the internet for the brand new super duper muscle blasting program can be fun it isn't effective. 

Remember! The IT factor of your training success is CONSISTENCY. Whatever your fitness goal is in order to achieve it you gotta get really good at few exercises you're doing and you can't be jack of all trades, you gotta laser focus.

You can't crazily progress with hundreds different exercises at once, you gotta choose a few and focus on becoming stronger and stronger at them.

So your ideal exercise routine is the one that you can mentally stick to. Everything starts in your head, use whatever self-talk you need if it makes you stick to your program then you're doing it right. It's that easy.