Quick Workout for Size and Strength for Tired Blue Collar Worker


At the moment of writing this post my life situation made me work two jobs, one of them contains grueling physical labor at the warehouse. And I know that my situation isn't unique and how tough it is to go to the gym and follow general training routine so today I wanna share with you one of my quick bodyweight workouts that will make you stronger and more muscular and can be performed right at your living room.

Do the following workout everyday, it's short so you'll be fully recovered the next day. And cumulative effect of those short daily workouts will bring results without tearing you down.

Hindu push ups. 2 sets. 

Jumps squats. 2 sets.

In each set and exercises keep on knocking reps until you get the feeling that fatigue is starting to accumulate. Rest 2 minutes between sets.

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