How do you really get rid of the bad habits


Unfortunately, simply stopping your bad habits, in and of itself, is an insufficient strategy. A much more effective plan is to substitute a new, more productive habit in one place of the one you’ve decided to end.

For example:

Sitting in front of the television at night is the enemy of good eating habits. You’re being bombarded with tremendously effective food commercials, and you’re in close proximity to the fridge. If you find that you’re most vulnerable to making poor eating choices at night, this could be the reason why. If you can terminate the night-time TV habit and substitute it with (for example), a bike ride, a lot of good things start to happen:

1) You’re away from the pervasive food commercials an the access to the fridge

2) You’re burning calories while you exercise

3) Exercises blunts your appetite

4) When you exercises, you’re more likely to eat right, as a way of further leveraging the good effects of the exercises

 The nice thing about establishing new habits is that most of the hard work takes place in the first 3-4 weeks… after that initial period of time, the amount of effort required to sustain the new habit diminishes considerably.

 The bottom line is that whatever strategy you choose to change undesirable habits, at some point, you simply need to take action; you need to interrupt the pattern. You might find it helpful to recall a positive experience from your past as you managed to stop a bad habit. How did you do it? Was it worth the effort? Was it really as hard as you had anticipated?