On practicality of physical strength in today's high tech world

Physical strength is practical and prepares you for any exigency.

Even in our safe, modern society, strength still comes in handy. You want to know that you're strong enough to carry someone out of a burning home to safety (as well as being able to save your own life in an emergency); You want the strength to lift heavy bags of mulch when you're working around the house; You want to be able to put a would-be attacker on the ground.

In a way, strength can be classified as an antifragility-increasing redundancy: most of the time we can rely on our tech and tools to get the job done for us, but you never know when you’re going to need to get down in the dirt, and when you do, you’ll be glad to be able to call upon your bodily strength. When everything else gets stripped away, what you’ve got left is the most basic of struggles — muscle versus nature and muscle versus muscle.

Source: the Art of Manliness