Why your mind should rest just like a muscle

We're all bombarded with tons of information and social noise daily. And every one of us from time to time feels completely exhausted even though it seems we aren't tired phisically. That's a mental fatigue, there's no need to elaborated more on that, we've all experienced it and you already know what I'm talking about. And we all know how it's stopping us from living our best lifes.

So what should we do?

Just pull the plug on the noise even if just for a few minutes each day. It’s like making time for a time-out for your brain. To get there, try practices like mindfulness, meditation, time in nature, slow walk(bike ride) at comfortable pace, or taking moments of quiet reflection or prayer if that’s your thing. By allowing our minds to rest, we give our brains permission to take a breather, thereby enhancing cognitive function, focus and mental resilience, while also reducing stress and anxiety.