How to get in the best shape of your life with the deck of cards

The following workout is also known as The Karl Gotch Bible. Karl Gotch was considered by many as one of the greatest wrestlers of all times and he used this drill to train Japanese pro wrestlers. The workout consists of squats and pushups via the use of deck of cards. So get a deck of cards, shuffle them and start dealing. When you get a red number card, do that many Hindu pushups. When you get a face card do 10-15 Hindu pushups. For black cards do Hindu squats. If you get a joker then do 20 reps of Hindu squats.

The objective of this training system is to become so strong and conditioned that you can easily go through the entire deck daily. You should do this workout five days a week. Train until fatigued (even if you haven’t gone through the entire deck), eventually you’ll become able to go through the entire deck.

And if you’re anxious whether such kind of training works, let me inform you that Karl Gotch(see the photo above) was 6 ft 2 245 lbs of solid muscle and he never touched weights!